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Value betting football predictions 13.10.2015

Value betting football predictions 13.10.2015

Yesterday was indeed a good day : out of 3 football predictions we backed 2 were won and 1 one was void and stake returned. The winners were : England to win by 3+ goals and Ibrahimovic to score and Sweden to win (see it here) .

Today we carry on but same as yesterday there are offers with good value but some of it I really don`t see it as winning football predictions. I will post it anyway and let you know which I will back and of course if you consider something good you can back at your own choice.

First stop : William Hill – The Home Of Betting : headline offers for Wales game

There is no secret as I already said that William Hill is one of my favorite Top UK Bookmakers, if you don`t bet with them you should at least check the offer as i consider them to be one of the best in the market.

williamhill wales vs. andorra betting offersThis one i`ll back with a medium stake for 2 simple reasons :

  • Bale can actually score a lot ( he did it almost in every game won of this Euro2016 campaign 7 goals and 2 doubles). One of the double was against in the first match vs Andorra.
  • Andorra is a team that allows way too many goals. 34 goals conceded in 9 games means a huge 3.7 avg/game so considering this Bale will have a easy task to score twice or more.

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Moving on we go to Ladbrokes we find interesting treble and one enhanced odds

ladbrokes wales vs. andora betting offerThe price of 4.00 offered for Wales to win and BTTS has some value, but I`ll pass it. If it was something like Wales to win to nil I would have said “Thank you” and backed right away. Andorra managed to score only 4 goals in 9 games all 4 when playing home ground. Even though 1 of the 4 goals scored was against Wales I really doubt they will score in this one.

ladbrokes euro2016 betting offer

Another 4.00 price for an interesting treble combo betting. I said it already I don`t like combo betting but this looks decent and has good value. Belgium for sure they will go for the win if they want to keep 1st place in the group. Netherlands is on mission impossible this campaign so if they want to keep their hopes alive for Euro2016 they need to win this one. Italy is playing home vs Norway and same as Belgium i think they want to keep 1st place in the group. Low/medium stake recommended for those who like combo betting.

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Last stop will be at Coral where we have a double and a treble

coral euro2016 betting offer treble

Same offer for this treble was presented from Ladbrokes there is no need to repeat. Looks good take it if you like it!

coral euro2016 betting offer double

Priced at 6.00 this looks better and i really like it. Will go for it with a small stake. I have to say that this is more like a feeling so that`s why i`ll go for it with a very small stake. Its not such a bad thing to gamble from time to time on your hunches. If you feel the same then go for it with small stakes 🙂

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Bottom line: I will back only 2 football predictions for today, one with good confidence and medium stake and a small one based only on a hunch. Read it carefully pick mine or pick other offers that top UK bookmakers have on the table and be a winner! Good luck with your bets tonight!

Marco from Tipzor.com

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